Support Presents is the production studio behind Night of the Living Podcast, HorrorHound Radio, Topicana, and more! Night of the Living Podcast began in 2006 when Amy Morris, Andy Hung, Kelley Kombrinck, and I started recording our discussions about horror films and our working-class lives in Cincinnati. We never imagined that anyone would listen.

These past seventeen years of podcasting have been life-changing for each of us. What began in our dining room has since transitioned to a dedicated space in our home, which we consider sacred. It’s where we gather to connect with one another, and we hope our listeners feel like they’re part of this vibrant community as well.

We eagerly anticipate creating memorable moments with our Patrons during weekly Discord meetups. Establishing deeper connections with you and each other significantly enriches our lives. In 2024, we’re excited to produce new content alongside Amy, Andy, Kelley, and all of our other contributors and guests.

With heartfelt thanks,

Freddy Morris, Producer Presents

Cincinnati, Ohio

August 25, 2023