New listeners, wondering what’s up? Stop here for a sec.

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. If you’re new (which seeing how the title of this post is directed at…...

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. If you’re new (which seeing how the title of this post is directed at new listeners, I’m assuming you are) then let me first give you a high-five for making the right choice. *high fives* And now, I’ll break down the show a little bit for you, so you know what you’re in for. 

Night of the Living Podcast (the NOTLP) is a weekly show where we, the crew (Amy, Andy, Freddy, Kelley and Mikey B) discuss various horror themed shit. Three shows a month are dedicated strictly to movies and each of these episodes consists of two segments. “Straight to Video Russian Roulette” is where a random crew member is assigned a film that was released direct to DVD or streaming (maybe it had a VERY limited run at conventions or festivals) and they let you know if it sucked or was good. The “Main Attraction” is where we talk about a movie that we all watched and we dissect it and give it a good once over. We don’t overshine it but it gets a good polish. We’re not journalists or actual critics, we just know what the fuck we do and don’t like (sometimes).

Then, once a month is our “Listener Feedback/Miscellaneous Debris” episode. In this episode we read your emails, play your voicemails (we love hearing your melodious voices) and we do a bit of genre news. This is also the episode where we do whatever else we want. There’s a segment called, “The Book Coroner” where we autopsy some horror lit, and there’s “Andy’s Porner” where Andy breaks down some horror themed porn for you to let you know if its worth a jerk/diddle. Anything else we feel like talking about, video games, comics, etc. gets thrown in here. If you’d like to check out a sample of what kinds of things to expect, you can download our “First-Timer-Primer” right here: 

And that’s about it. Feel free to browse through all of our old eps if you like what you hear. They go back to episode 75. For episodes 1-74 you can listen to all of those and much more by becoming a Patron!

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