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Episode 501 - Miscellaneous Debris
This one is dedicated to the memory of George Romero. If it weren’t for George, NOTLP simp...
7/23/2017 Download
Episode 500 - Ripper and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Hooooooly shit! 500 episodes! We celebrate this milestone by discussing Mary Shelley’s Fra...
7/16/2017 Download
Episode 499 - Havenhurst and Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Crew discuss the flagship of the 1990s Universal Monster fleet…Bram Stoker’s Dracula!A...
7/9/2017 Download
Episode 498 - The Axe Murders of Villisca and The Mummy
This week we kick off our Universal in the 90s theme with a discussion of Stephen Sommers’...
7/2/2017 Download
Episode 497 - Miscellaneous Debris
Andy, Kelley and Freddy talk horror news and respond to your emails. Enjoy!
6/25/2017 Download
Episode 496 - Man Vs. and Play Misty for Me
The Crew discuss Amy’s mom’s pick Play Misty for Me. Also, Freddy reviews Man Vs for Strai...
6/18/2017 Download
Episode 495 - Swamp Ape and Vacation
Mikey B reviews Swamp Ape for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. The Crew discuss Nationa...
6/11/2017 Download
Episode 494 - Viral and Mother
Andy reviews Viral for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. Joon Ho Bong’s thriller Mother ...
6/4/2017 Download
Episode 493 - The Disappointments Room and Niagara
We did it! We’ve met our second Patreon goal last night. Thank you so much for your suppor...
5/21/2017 Download
Episode 492 - USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage and Raiders of the Lost Ark
We’re honoring our parents with a series of podcasts dedicated to some of their favorite f...
5/14/2017 Download
Episode 491 - Misc. Debris, a Porner & You
Boy howdy! The Crew sure had fun today. Join us, won’t you? Kelley gives a very complicate...
4/30/2017 Download
Episode 490 - Clinical and Soylent Green
Amy reviews Clin…zzzz…clin…., huh?! what? Sorry, Amy reviews Clinical for Straight-to-Vide...
4/23/2017 Download
Episode 489 - Late Night Double Feature and Green Room
It’s Andy’s turn to take a bullet for Amy and watch Late Night Double Feature. The rest of...
4/12/2017 Download
Episode 488 - Halloweed and The Green Inferno
Mikey B takes a bullet for Amy and watches the comedy/horror film Halloweed (not to be con...
4/2/2017 Download
Episode 487 - News and Misc. Debris
Join us for our HorrorHound Weekend wrap-up, the latest in horror (sequel, mostly) news, a...
3/26/2017 Download

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